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Competition for the best and the brightest public sector employees is fierce. With limited time and resources why try to re-invent the wheel? MRI has industry-leading programs for recruiting Town/City Managers/Administrators and all Department Heads.

With the Expanded Recruitment, we even offer a guarantee that the candidate we recommend will still be on the job one year from the date of hire, or we'll repeat the recruiting process for free.

Basic Recruitment - MRI will undertake the following activities in the basic executive recruitment process:
  1. Meet with the Board of Selectmen and Departmental employees to explain the recruitment process, answer questions, and take input on the “ideal candidate”.
  2. Assist with development of an overview of the likely issues and opportunities that the next Town Administrator must be prepared to address and pursue (Challenge Statement).
  3. Assist with updating the position description as necessary.
  4. Develop ad copy, determine ad distribution, and coordinate placement (cost of advertising is paid by the Client).
  5. Receive and acknowledge receipt of all resumes. Review and screen all resumes for minimum qualifications and review and rank them for the selection of the initial group of finalists.
  6. Conduct employment and education verification for initial group of finalists.
  7. Develop community profile materials and related background information and post it on the Web for candidate access.
  8. Develop a candidate essay questionnaire and review panel process to narrow the field.
  9. Assist with the selection and preparation of 3 interview panels which will include professional public administrators, delegated employees, and citizens as determined appropriate by the Board of Selectmen.
  10. Coordinate preparation for and moderate oral interviews, and provide a professional moderator for each panel during interviews.
  11. Present 3-5 finalists for final interviews by the Board of Selectmen. Assist with preparation for and coordinate interviews.
  12. Assist with development of terms and conditions of employment and conditional offer.
  13. Assist with drafting an employment agreement.
  14. Perform reference checks on 3–5 final candidates.
  15. Coordinate physical, medical, and psychological exams and management profile testing as desired.
  16. Assist with development of goals and objectives.
  17. Coordinate family visit to the community.

Expanded Recruitment - MRI has, in its municipal recruiting tool box, several state of the art recruiting tools, and we are the only entity in the public sector licensed to offer them, which enables us to make a guarantee rarely offered by other recruiting firms: With the Expanded Recruitment, we guarantee that the candidate we recommend to you will still be on the job one year from date of hire, or we will repeat the entire recruiting process for free (Requires purchase of all 3 options).

Option 1
MRI will expand upon the information obtained in the interview sessions during the “Basic Recruitment” to develop an "Ideal Candidate Profile" by employing the Cleaver International diagnostic and profiling tools called the Human Factor Job DISCription and the Synergy Profiling Tool. Using these tools, MRI will:
  • Identify critical organizational issues;
  • Clarify roles, responsibilities, and expectations for the position;
  • Establish job success standards; and
  • Profile final candidates to ensure that individual management strengths, behavioral styles, and motivating values of the finalists are aligned with requirements of the position.
Option 2
In addition to these state of the art recruiting tools, MRI will use the NASA developed ResultsLab to secure input from a broad cross-section of citizens and Departmental personnel using the ResultsLab. This computer-based system will accommodate securing substantial data inputs regarding community views on critical attributes for the next town Administrator, their view about current and future municipal services and concerns, and help define "Ideal Candidate" values attributes. The information generated will be used to frame community specific questions to be incorporated in Basic Recruitment items # 2, 7 & 8 above.

MRI will conduct up to 6 ResultsLab sessions; each session being 1 hour in length, over the course of 1 day, during each session up to 12 people can be quickly and efficiently scheduled and processed so a total of 75 people can participate. This process dramatically increases the level of public participation in the selection process, adds significantly to the amount of data available to support the candidate selection process, lends credibility to the selection process and helps focus on critical goals and objectives for inclusion in the employment agreement.

Option 3
MRI will perform an in-depth background check on the final candidate.

By including all three Options with the Basic Recruitment, MRI can offer the one year Stay or Do Over Guarantee.

Please contact us with any questions.
Services available in New England and Pennsylvania


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